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An Equal Justice Inside A Prestigious Law Firm, A Rookie Lawyer Is Pulled Into A Dark Maze Of Lies And Violence An Ambitious Stanford Graduate, David Adams Has Begun A Fast Track Career At Austin S Most Prestigious Law Firm It S A Personal Victory For The Rising Superstar A Satisfying Reversal From His Impoverished And Despairing Childhood Now He Has The Life He S Always Wanted An Extravagant Salary, A High Rise Condo, A Luxury SUV, And No Limit To How Far He Can Go In The Eyes Of The Top PartnersBut After The Shocking Suicide Of A Fellow Associate One Who, In His Final Hours, Offered David An Ominous Warning He Feels The Pull Of Powerful Forces Behind The Corporation S Enviable Trappings The Suicide Leads Unexpectedly To David S Discovery Of A Secret Enclave Of The City S Homeless, Where He Can T Help But Feel An Affinity To These Outcast Souls Nor Can He Ignore The Feeling That They Hold The Key To The Truth Behind A Dark ConspiracyWhen One Of His New Street Friends Is Murdered, David S Clear Doubts About His Employer Start Shifting Into A Dark Reality Now Torn Between Two Worlds, David Must Surrender All That He S Achieved To Fight For A Larger Cause Of Justice And Become His Firm S Most Dangerous Acquisition

About the Author: Chad Zunker

CHAD ZUNKER is the author of the David Adams legal thriller, An Equal Justice, as well as The Tracker, Shadow Shepherd, and Hunt the Lion in his Sam Callahan series Chad has worked for some of the country s most powerful law firms and serves at Community First Village, a 51 acre master planned community that provides affordable, permanent housing and a supportive community for men and women coming out of chronic homelessness He lives in Austin with his wife, Katie, and their three daughters, and is hard at work on his next novel Forinformation visit www.chadzunker.com.

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    3.5 Congratulations are in order for David Adams He just graduated from law school As the new up and coming super star, he s taken a position at one of the top law firms in Austin, Texas He has one singular goal To be the best new attorney the firm has ever seen If that means working himself to the bone, day and night so be it Even putting aside everything in his personal life as well Including those valued traits that made him

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    What an inspiring book Yes it is about a lawyer, new to a high powered firm, just starting his journey when he meets some folks who live on the street There are murders crime and plenty of back stabbing individuals, but through it all you find a different way to goA real connection to others, and a decision to go the tough but worthwhile route. A simply amazing story by an author I have enjoyed since I read his very first book And could

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    This one kind of reminded me of Grisham s The Firm but with a different ethical level with homelessness A quick and thoughtful read.

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    Meh 2.5 5 starsThis book was short I wantedI wanted the story to beflushed out and detailed I wanted the characters to havedepth and knowabout their background and why they are the way they are With that said, I think the bones are good here This book could have been great if Zunker could have expanded on what he already had here I actually really want to pick up another novel by Zunker because again I think the plot was interesting and the characters

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    This is a case of if it looks too good to be true, it probably is From a poor background, newly qualified attorney David Adams has been recruited as an associate at Hunter Kellerman, the most distinguished law firm in Austin, Texas He was offered 20%than much larger firms in San Francisco and New York, plus 20,000 for joining the team Believing he has secured his dream job David makes the most of his change in fortunes But the supposed suicide of another inter

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    It was slow going to get into But once I did, it was pretty intense.

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    I like my crime mystery books with a bitmeat on their bones than this one At only about 200 pages, I flew through it in a couple of hours David Adams is the poor boy made good young hotshot lawyer who turns to drugs to keep himself working through the night He falls in with a homeless man called Benny who saves him from an assailant in a dark alleyway.People are getting killed off left, right and centre David s boss is clearly a drunken, womanising wrongun , and there s a sin

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    Received this as a freeFirst reads book I chose it because of the positive reviews it had Maybe the reviews were written by the authors friends, I found it to be a poor imitation of a John Grisham novel, the Firm The characters were poorly fleshed out, I was sick of the money grubbing aspect of this lawyer The only reason I continued to read it was because it was short and I was able to finish it quickly The story line was mildly interesting but predictable Since I did finish it, I R

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    Excellent thriller and insight into the lives of those marginalized by society because of homelessness Author, Chad Zunker is a true advocate who doesn t just talk the talk, but rather walks the walk.getting out and actually making a difference, and helping to open the eyes of our society which all too often chooses to look the other way and seeing beyond the stigma and into the individual A little compassion can transform life for someone down on their luck It is our obligation as hu Excell

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    David is a new lawyer, fresh out of school, making big bucks for a prestigious law firm in Texas Out of the gate, it s reminiscent of John Grisham s The Firm, and in many respects it stays that way David meets a group of homeless men who change his life for the better, and we grow with him through an explosive ending Overall, the writing is concise and with very little fluff, which is something to appreciate about a short and easy read And while the story arc was typical for a thriller, the David is

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