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The Cat in the Hat Poor Sally And Her Brother It S Cold And Wet And They Re Stuck In The House With Nothing To Do Until A Giant Cat In A Hat Shows Up, Transforming The Dull Day Into A Madcap Adventure And Almost Wrecking The Place In The Process Written By Dr Seuss In In Response To The Concern That Pallid Primers With Abnormally Courteous, Unnaturally Clean Boys And Girls Were Leading To Growing Illiteracy Among Children, The Cat In The Hatthe First Random House Beginner Book Changed The Way Our Children Learn How To ReadBook Details Format Hardcover Publication Date Pages Reading Level Age And Up

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    This kids book is, in my opinion, a nightmare quality horror story Why, you ask What s scary about a funny looking cat shudder Well, what s so scary about these cute thingsWell, there actually is nothing scary about that last one That still doesn t make it any less of a nightmare Sometimes I have nightmares where everything goes wrong, but I am helpless to do anyth

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    I like that at the end of this book, when the mother comes home and the text reads Should we tell her about itNow, what SHOULD we doWell What would YOU do If your mother asked YOU My daughter always looks up at me and says I would tell you But I don t believe her I think it s quite possible that the Cat in the Hat has already been here, and she s just telling me wha

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    Without a doubt one of the signature Seuss books THE SCHRODINGER S CAT IS OUT OF THE HAT He should not be here. He should not be about, He should not be here, When your mother is out, It was a tale hard to rate,and I imagine how shocked must be for many of you, when you notice my 3 stars rate.Three stars For The Cat in the Hat The very tale that it s an emblem about

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    Book ReviewEveryone s heard of SEUSS Dr I hope 4 stars to The Cat in the Hat, an adorable children s book full of little amusing pictures and rhymes.Kids love the absurdity It s an opportunity for the reader to use different voices to dress up to be free and fun and just enjoy reading.Though it could be used as a way to teach kids about rhymes, as well as what s real

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    Seuss s most cynical political work describes the cycle of every generation first you hate the machine, then you rage against the machine, then you embrace the machine, then you become the machine.Sally and her brother, who, like Dostoevsky s sick man and Ralph Ellison s Invisible Man, will remain unnamed, join with the force of revolution, embodied by the Cat in the H

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    This book is a classic and there is absolutely nothing I can say that hasn t already been said by countless reviewers You really can t go wrong with Dr Seuss, and there s a reason people from all generations are familiar with this book This book is, put quite simply, just tons of fun to read It doesn t matter if you are a child or an adult Almost all of the words are si

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    In honor of Dr Seuss birthday I post an annual review of one of his works Normally they fart sunshine and rainbows, but today we re going to spend a minute with the book that makes me want to I know this is a classic and it s Seuss and no one is supposed to blaspheme when it comes to his good name, but come on Two kids who are stupid enough to let a creepy effing CAT in

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    I don t remember ever reading Dr Suess I m sure I did, only it was SO long ago , so this just put me in such good spirits I remember how giddy these made me feel, and the rhyming is just so whimsical, no books can compare to these I m collecting all of Dr Suess s work and this was just such a classic, great place to start I love the art and the story combined

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    Ding dong,I can be a magician.I can be anything,But an alsatian.The illustrations The uproarious juggles of the feline and the mess that he leaves about.Though the high tech gadgets bailed the cat out but Sally and her brother should heed to the wise Goldfish in further editions DA total riot for children with working parents and who just manage to not bring the house down

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    HOW COULD I HAVE FORGOTTEN THIS BOOK Just had the pleasure of reading it to my friends 4 year old daughter over the weekend at a birthday BBQ the smile on her face MAGIC

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